A travelogue cannot elicit the same response from the readers like any other kind of read and this is borne out by the better written of the pieces than otherwise. Listed in the below are some of the most moving of travel narratives and it helps to note that there is a emphasis on values and views that are no longer considered to be worthy enough.

Most travel narratives take the reader to another setting and area of existence. Of particular note must be the effort to see to the more practical side of things which were missing otherwise in previous attempts.

Peter Gethers- The Cat Who Went To Paris

Here is a narrative that tries to tie in the city of Paris with the life of a cat.  It brings to the reader the close association that animals in and around the country has with people and their affinity towards things more earthly. Through the narration, the author has managed to bring in the better side of things at Paris and how it can further influence people and their minds.

At the center of the narrative is the city of Paris and its surroundings. It is through the movements of a cat that the author brings to sharp focus what it means to be homeless in such a big city as Paris. There is of course humor by the tonnage and it stands to good reason that people have been able to identify with it to a whole extent.

Torre Deroche- Love With A Chance Of Drowning

Set in a pacific sail boat the story traces the carefree life of a corporate jet setter woman all out to have a memorable time on the boat with the sailor.  The central theme is the sailboat that seems to bring back memories and otherwise to the readers and the people who do follow the story to the hilt. Rather than focus on the sail boat as it bobs along on the waters, it would be best to turn the attention to the bobbing of the lives of people as they move about their existence.

The title of the book is just apt for an experience that could end up drowning the protagonist at the slightest misstep.

Paul Theroux-Dark Star Safari

When it comes to narratives few continents and countries can match what is on offer by Africa for the most parts. This is about an unknown safari through the heart of Africa on a vehicle that seem to be wanting to break down at any moment. The lion hunt has been eulogized by many but it is brought to start reality by the narration of Theroux and in livid detail as well.


There never is a perfect narrative or a perfect story line but there will always be a perfect company like Murphy Glass & Mirror to suits your glazier needs for instance. The travelogue has always been plagued by wrong references and long journeys. The purpose of the narration must be straightforward and consuming to say the least. This has been achieved to the full by the story presented here.

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