There is often a timeless quality to books no matter how often people read the same ones over and over again. Although some of the most noteworthy books have been about human emotions and feelings, the travel narrative has an aura all of its own and thus does have its own set of hardened readers all the time. Listed out in the below are some of the most well known narratives to have been delivered in terms of a travelogue and more over stories with a strong finish as well.

Paul Coelho- The Alchemist 

A lot of people and in fact everyone would have heard of the grass being greener on the other side but never has it been so clearly demonstrated as a travel narrative to be brought home at the very end of the story.  It is that what we seek so desperately that is latent in and around us and that we do not want that is hidden at the end of our journeys most of the time.

If ever there were a narrative with a lot of life philosophy, then it has to be the work by Coelho. Right throughout the story, there is an entertainment element that few other authors have been able to deliver so effectively.

Bill Bryson- In A Sunburned Country

Australia has never been the favorites to fable settings. The near barren country would make it one of the least to be eloquent about most of the time. But Bryson has been instrumental in calling upon one of the least known continents in the world to yield up some of its narrative treasures for all times.

There is a standard flow to the manner the story is told to the reader. Of particular note must be the need to remain politically neutral as far as possible. This book is a must read for those traveling to Australia for the first time, if only for the quirkiness found only among the Aussies.

The book does introduce the reader to some of the most Australian of pronunciations and axioms. With a strong central character, the book can be a companion for some boring days traveling the barren Australian outback.

Rusty Young- Marching Powder

This book can easily be taken to be one of the most quirky narrations of a life in prison. A prison life that is filled with cocaine manufacturing facilities; with whole families in tow and in complete business. If the aim of the reader is to be hit between the eyes, then the book has to offer more than just that alone.

The reader is taken along some of the hardiest parts of Bolivia and the South Americas and often calls the attention to some of the most bizarre of happenings around. The typical backpacker is provided with some of the most damning of situations and this book is but a start to finding the lost fish among the readers.

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