The Best Travel Adventure Books To Have

No matter how well traveled a person is there can never quite be the same feeling relieving it later over a coffee book by a warm fire. It is for this feeling that folks get to keep a few of the older travel fables which can be a “times to look back” as well as try to live a life of another era. There are five books worth mentioning from among the many that have been read and they are listed out below in no particular order of merit.

Adventure Travel Books

Louis Stevenson- Travels with a donkey in the Cevennes

If ever a relationship with a donkey has been pictured this well, it has to be credited to the tenacity of the author to do so.  The setting is in the hilly and rocky regions of France in the 1870s and tells eloquently of the travails that a traveler has to face during those times.  It is not that a donkey does not have its needs of water and feed and how this is done at each night makes for interesting reading none the less.

One of the most memorable parts is when homes have to be shared with the respective hosts. The narrative speaks of one of the most hospitable of places on earth and does wonders to the confidence of the traveler to be moving about so freely in the countryside of those days.

David Roberts- Shantaram

This could be described as the gangster story of the east with people and characters set in the quaint town of Bombay of those days. Always on the run, the fugitive has to get by with small errands and favors which in turn make for interesting reading too.

The book could well be the best to a time travel machine that takes the reader back some decades ago when the gents were really full of spice.

Steven Newman- World Walk

When something has to be narrated in style and at an even pace, then it would be more in order that something of the World Walk is brought out to the readers. This is based on a true story where a person walks a complete four years on foot and never rest in between. The settings of the story changes from time to time and place to place; to provide a live narration to the reader.

The travels were on foot across 22 countries and all continents across the globe. One of the most interesting narratives, for the contrasts that it provides; and the themes that it transcends.

Jack Kerouac- On the road

A semi-autobiographical narrative that is set in the old world America.  The author embarks on a journey of self-discovery and fun-seeking spirit. Often reminds the reader of times long stopped existing at least it does on paper. The narration is a diary style presentation that has little to offer the reader but a rambling run along of words.